About Us

Hope for Paws was founded on the belief that there are no bad dog breeds only people that exploit the natural characteristics of a breed for selfish and often cruel purposes. We are dedicated to rescuing dogs from harmful and neglectful situations regardless of breed and to educate the community regarding specific breeds. We hope to decrease the number of homeless dogs in our community through education about the benefits of spaying and neutering pets.
Paws of Hope is a program that started in June of 2009 at the Sanders Estes Unit Correctional Center as a form of rehabilitation for offenders as well as a way to save the dogs and make them more adoptable. Management and Training Corporation (MTC) contracts the Facility through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. MTC's main goal is to help rehabilitate Offenders for re-entry into society, so this is the perfect program for our Facility where all the Offenders will be going home soon.

There are 40 Offenders that help train the dogs and we have a professional dog trainer, Thea Yambor out of Camp Diggy Bones that comes to the facility to teach the Offenders all of the basics and more. This is such a great program and we are happy to be able to utilize it. The Offenders take a lot of pride in the program and it gives them a chance to love something and feel like they can get away from it all for an instant when they are around the dogs. The dogs stay in the cell with their designated trainer, are around people 24/7 and have several "potty breaks" a day, plus an hour of outside time.

What We Do

We pull animals from various local shelters when they have not been claimed by owners or adopted from the shelter. We also take in stray dogs from the streets or from owners that can no longer care for their pet.

We house these dogs in a kennel situation and look for volunteers to foster these dogs. We provide training for the dogs to help them more easily make the transition into a loving home.

We visit local schools to educate children about the plight of homeless dogs and invite them out to the kennel to help dispel any breed specific prejudice. We teach about the need for keeping their dogs vaccinated and keeping them on preventative programs for heartworm and flee and tic preventative.

Our Location

10785 Hwy 205
Lavon, Tx 75166

Our Facility is open from 7am-6pm Monday through Friday.
8am-6pm on Saturday and 4pm-6pm on Sundays.

Garage Sale Fund Raiser April 25th and 26th.

Hope for Paws is sponcering a garage sale to raise money to care for the abandoned dogs at Camp Diggy Bones. All proceeds will go to caring for these dogs until they are found forever homes. Please click on the embedded docuent below for details.
bretts garage sale.pdf
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Latest News!!!

This is Buster Brown, he is one of the 300 dogs left behind at Camp Diggy Bones by Happy Endings Dog Rescue. Since January Camp Diggy Bones has been able to place over half of the 300 and now Hope for Paws has joined forces with them to help place the remaining 100 dogs.
Hope for Paws is collaborating with Camp Diggy Bones to both help in the placement of these dogs and to financially support the dogs until they are placed.
To help the dogs left behind at Camp Diggy Bones we are raffling off a Magnavox 29 inch TV. Drawing will be on May 31st. There is no need to be present but we are planning a big event! More details to follow. Come on in and buy your tickets and join us for the drawing event on May 31st.
Additionally Camp Diggy Bones has an onsite adoption event every Saturday so come out and support them in their efforts to do the right thing for these dogs.
TV raffle.docx
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If you are interested in adopting please look at the dogs that are we have available by going to the below link. This list includes all the adoptable dogs left behind by Happy Endings. Please help us, these dogs are the victims of so many broken promises. Together we can ,make those promises happen.